How to Build a Real-time App like SnapChat & Technical Stack of SnapChat Clone?

Contact our experts if you need more information or want to create an app like Snapchat from scratch and succeed on the market. We will work with you onevery step of the app development process, starting with the foundation of your idea. Within the Snapchat app, this is probably one of the most exciting features.

create app like snapchat

This means an app like Snapchat has to allow users to search for friends. This feature may seem pretty standard, but on Snapchat, it is different. There are two additional interesting ways to add friends.

FAQ About Apps Like Snapchat

It’s crucial that you create a user-friendly interface and make sure that the app is not overloaded. Do you think the developers of Snapchat have ever thought of how popular their application would become? Practice shows that even the simplest solutions may appear to be the most successful ones. YouCam Fun screens from the App StoreA worthy adversary and another selfie filter app that you’ll definitely like. The YouCam Fun app offers a great collection of 3D face filters and live stickers. What makes YouCam Fun stand out is its animal face filters to bring your wild side to life — a cat, deer, snow leopard, or tiger.

It sounds like a dream but that’s the true tale of Snapchat. Today, it is one of the leading social media networks globally. But Instagram doesn’t have self-destructing messages and snaps like Snapchat.

create app like snapchat

Edit the app to your liking and test your app on real devices. Your app is ready to go live on app stores of your choice. Dating App BuilderCreate an online dating app and let your app users find the perfect match with just a swipe. Thus Cyberdust is fully loaded and secure instant messenger similar to Snapchat. The basic thing you could do is add advertisements between snaps. This is a general practice, something similar is also used by Instagram in the “Stories” section.

How does Snapchat work or how to make a snapchat?

We are presenting a list of Snapchat like apps that have some similar and some unique features. This will help you decide which type of app would you want to develop and which features would you integrate. When your app is ready, it is tested by a QA team and made 100% bug-free. During the entire development process, your app goes through multiple changes until the expected outcome is delivered. Within a short span of time, Snapchat became popular because of its volatile messaging idea. Snapchat has since evolved rapidly and is now one of the most commonly used instant messaging services.

  • Viber also offers branded packages of paid stickers to its users.
  • This feature turns Snapchat into a phone alternative and brings it close to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.
  • This feature puts Snapchat on an equal footing with Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.
  • Your friends can join you anywhere to add moments in making lovable memories.
  • The major source of Snapchat revenue comes from advertisements.
  • The user interface needs to be easy to learn and quick to navigate.

As a result, the stories are more authentic and personal. Snapchat’s story feature has also inspired many other apps to include such a function. Stories is one of the important Snapchat features because they document and collect our everyday moments. They let us relive events and even show other users what we’re up to.


In 10 years the platform grew from a small friends-owned startup to a global multi-billion industry leader. An Agile development methodology helps to reduce the cost of app development create app like snapchat by allowing for flexible and iterative development. This means that the app can be developed in stages, and changes can be made as needed without incurring additional costs.

Keep in mind that Snapchat is an existing app and to conquer the market you have to propose people something brand new, but not a Snapchat clone. That could be a niche product serving a group of users with the same interests or for those who lives in the same area. Additional feature development could be calculated for you individually by LANARS team. In fact, Snapchat considers itself to be a chatting tool and, moreover, it was born as a messenger itself. The difference between the already existing Facebook at that time was the content vanishing feature of Snapchat.

create app like snapchat

Similarly, for an app similar to Snapchat, you must have to add this feature to give users eligibility to get registered themselves and get unique credentials. When the app design is ready, now you need to activate your app development and encourage them to create the featured app. It is strongly advised to every app developer to choose scalable technologies and prevent any scaling issues.

Imagine you’re a college student who develops a photo messaging app with your frat buddies. Snap Ads allows brands to put their animated advertisement between regular friends’ snaps. The free version contains sponsored content, while the premium one has no ads and gives users access to some extra features. Project management also includes setting meetings, solving upcoming issues and coordinating outsource work. For the project like Snapchat MVP launch, you need a skilled project manager for not less than 110 hours in total.

Video/Audio calls

Moreover, the project team composition is being confirmed on this stage, as well as prototypes made, detailed project estimates and costs by platforms. On this stage, your project’s requirements and goals thoroughly reviewed by the specialist. When you submit a request on our website, your message is received by managers, who will contact you within 24 hours. Then, a first meeting is set up to discuss your business needs and requirements. Now, it’s time for software engineers to prepare rough project estimates in cooperation with Business Analysts. You can overlay a design onto a picture or video taken in the Snapchat app, but the difference is that they are only available in distinct locations.

create app like snapchat

The development of such an application requires 300 to 700 hours. Probably, you’ve often noticed that any app similar to Snapchat has a clean, beautiful, intuitive, user-friendly interface. You can add as friends those people who are in your location right now . As you should remember, Snapchat owners are taking advantage of such a feature to get a profit by allowing companies to create their own unique Lenses. By the by, as you remember, Snap Inc earns through stickers, and this company is not the only one. Viber also offers branded packages of paid stickers to its users.

The Phenomenon of the Snapchat App: Why are Such Apps Becoming Popular?

Since then, Snapchat has fastly grown and arguably has become one of the most widely used instant messaging service. This helps businesses promote their services to specific audiences that are tied to precise locations while you get a small but steady income. The best part is that users won’t feel overloaded by ads this way (as long as the filters are really fun!).

Need dedicated team?

As of Q1 of 2019, the app stands at 190 million daily users . According to Snap Inc., the DAU has increased 2% compared to the 186 million DAU in Q4 2018. Clip chat, like Snapchat, allows you to send photographs that disappear with a simple touch.

Based on the screen prototype, the design team develops the design for your app. The main goal of this stage is to find out the functional and non-functional requirements for the future project, estimate the project budget, and business needs. Snapchat revenue increased dramatically during a couple of years. In 2019, its growth rate reached 39% comparing to last year statistics. That turned Snapchat into an extremely successful case in the field of social networks.

With the updated version of the app, you can start a video chat or call your friends. In case your friend is offline, you can record and send an audio message. The following turns Snapchat into an alternative to any messenger and brings it closer to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. When it comes to putting advertisements on social media platforms, the advertisers need the right metrics to see whether their advertisements are working or not. So just assessing how to build an app like Snapchat is not enough- you need to plan the right strategy to earn from it. The main feature of Snapchat, that made it popular is the unique blend of chatting and photo sharing.

Making an app is not easy, especially when you are trying to make an app like the super successful Snapchat. Snapchat utilizes paid advertisement in plenty of ways to generate revenue through its platform. To handle such a large amount of data in a flexible way, Snapchat uses NoSQL as a database. This way they are not only handling the data in an efficient way, but they also offer great performance.

Snapchat Features That Make the App Exclusive

Make sure your app follows structured data efficiently by handling a large number of users from all around the world. Essentially in March 2020, Snapchat had 229 million daily active users. A story is a snap that is being published for 24 hours to all of your followers and then disappears. With a user’s permission, the technology reports the current location of your computer, tablet, or phone in real-time. There are a couple of reasons what it could become that popular. We can think of a complete understanding of the needs of the audience and appealing UI/UX design what is always half the success.

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